Advent Hat KAL Sign-ups Are Open!

It’s happened! October is finally here, and with it all the exciting things that fall entails. We’ve been working hard this week to bring some exciting projects to a close, and as so often happens in life, it made sense to have them all due today. Don’t ask me why I do this to myself.

The first news item, very exciting, is that the signups for the Advent Hat Mystery KAL are now open to the general public. (If you’ve already signed up for the whole Liturgical Year series, you’re already on for the KAL. And if you sign up for just the KAL and decide later to get the whole series, you’ll get discounted the cost of the KAL. Think of it as a sample of goodies yet to come.) Anyway, the KAL now has a page on its own, which you can get to through the shiny new ad on the right side of your screen. Or, if you can’t be bothered to move your cursor that far, here’s a link:

Second news item, is that especially for this KAL, Mum has cooked up three new colorways of Kirby Woolpaca in the liturgically appropriate purple. They are:

“Magentastic” – dyed with the cochineal worm, probably less gross than it sounds. It was late at night when we named it, but it made us laugh so hard we decided to keep it. It is most decidedly the most cheerful of the three.

“Misty Mauve” is dyed with Logwood, and is a more grown-up, almost antique-looking purple. I love this colorway, and we only have 10 skeins of it, so if you are also inspired, order soon.

“Purple Pizzazz” combines logwood and cochineal for a deep lavender with hints of magenta. It’s almost a muted multi, but quite subtle. Just kidding, maybe this is my favorite. I’m sure I can come with a good excuse to use all three.

The Advent hat takes 2 skeins of Kirby Woolpaca for the 18″, 20″, or 22″ head sizes (if you’d like to make the 24″ head size, you’ll need to use aran weight yarn). If you’d like to order Kirby Woolpaca in these or any other colors, you can do so by visiting the yarn page: OR…

Third news item, is that you can also now order the yarn for all the Liturgical Year projects that recommend OFS yarn in the OFS Liturgical Bundle by clicking here. This includes the Advent KAL Hat, the “Holly and the Ivy” Christmas mittens, the “Father Joseph” gloves, and the “Ordinary Time” sweater. You get to customize your kit on the order form to include whichever colors and sizes you want. And as a big thank you, we’ll give you a 15$ discount and free shipping to the continental US (and a discount everywhere else). If you want a guarantee that the yarn will get to you by the start of the Advent KAL on Nov. 27th, please order by Nov. 1st. That’ll give us time to dye and ship everything.

Finally, the kits for the “Holly and the Ivy” Christmas mittens are available for pre-order by themselves, if you are so inclined. You can order them by going to the Liturgical Year series page and scrolling down to the mittens.

*pant pant pant* so much linking! So much typing! So much to keep track of! Anyway I am so pleased that all this work is coming to this delightful head, and I hope you’ll join us on this crazy trip through Christian traditions of time.

2 thoughts on “Advent Hat KAL Sign-ups Are Open!

  1. Wow. I had in my mind that I should get the white yarn. Snow and all during advent time.

    Now, I see you are going with the traditional purple advent color. Though in my Lutheran church, we’ve been using the alternate blue as of late.

    How do you decide the right color when you have no idea of the finished project? Trust you and buy your yarn, I suppose. : )


  2. Lol. Actually, the first hat that I made for the project was in white – the “Columbia” yarn from Imperial Stock Ranch. The second I made was in green. So far people have ordered two purples and a blue. Go with your instincts! The only hard-line recommendation I have is that it be a solid or semi-solid color.


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