Wild Berries

I think blueberries on the tundra are the most beautiful thing in the world. I’ve not been writing lately; fall is such a busy time of year. Homeschool is settling into a pattern, housework ebbs and flows, I’ve learned how to nap, and the outdoors calls to us on the beautiful days that are further … More Wild Berries

Yellow Jersey

Another Tour de Fleece is in the books! Even though the Tour de France is not running this summer, the spinning event continues as scheduled. And the upshot is that this is the first TdF in a long time when I haven’t been traveling. My goal was pretty simple: spin for at least an hour … More Yellow Jersey

Oh, Canada!

We had a rockin’ Canada Day today. A friend and I found Dooners dress at “Canadian Tire,” which inspired the other two to join in the red-and-white display. This was the most fun when we joined in the town parade, at which I forgot to take pictures. The annual Canada Day cookout was cancelled because … More Oh, Canada!