A Priest Crafts: Season 2, Episode 1: Beginning to Weave

I finally got around to making another video! With the weaving bug, the video bug came back. Since I’m starting a new learning process, how fun would it be to document that journey with some videos? I’ve gotten lots of joy in recent years from crafting podcasters, so for me to share my process by … More A Priest Crafts: Season 2, Episode 1: Beginning to Weave


I’m not sure exactly how this project happened. As so often happens in my life, I made a series of decisions that seemed logical at the time, which turned into a train of events that took me somewhere completely unexpected. This journey started with a beautiful woven Oscha babywearing wrap that a friend generously gifted … More Linsey-Woolsey


This is how I’ll remember Elisapee. Kind, generous, surrounded by family, being honored and well-cared for. Last week I had the incredible gift of being able to go back to Iqaluit to spend some time with Elisapee and her family during her last few days. She looked very different; I didn’t take pictures of her … More Anaanannguara