Faux-Ikat Fabric

With my loom now set up in the playroom, I’m finding myself getting lots of weaving done. My new computer is the fastest in the house, so it’s also the best for playing computer games. We often play PC games as a family in the living room; this has migrated to the playroom. The seating … More Faux-Ikat Fabric

A Halloween Retraction

In my post about Halloween a few months ago, I said something offensive. There are plenty of things about Halloween that make me ambivalent. I’ll not go into them, because I do not wish to judge others for their choices in things that aren’t that important. (Unless you’re being unsafe. That’s not cool. Be safe.) … More A Halloween Retraction

Ten Piped Rosettes

Let’s talk about piping. Piping is one of those areas where there there are a near-infinite amount of tutorials on the interwebs, most of them better than I can do. But how can I NOT talk about piping? It’s also an area where it doesn’t matter how much you learn; you just have to give … More Ten Piped Rosettes