November 2022 Round-Up: Work, Work, Work, and Play

Today’s monthly round-up is brought to you by exhaustion, distraction, overwhelm, phone pictures, and the manifest prognostications of burnout. In other words, I’m going to be complaining today. I have a sermon and an article to write this afternoon, but I find my writing gets a lot better if I can work out my grumpiness … More November 2022 Round-Up: Work, Work, Work, and Play

Dooner’s Girasole

Let’s see if I can find my way back to the beginning of the story of this shawl. The year was 2013. The month was August or September, I forget which. Stringbean, then a tiny six-month old, had been in the hospital with a UTI. Being a new mother left me feeling completely shattered, all … More Dooner’s Girasole

First Four-Tier

Late one evening, I got a text from a local chap who has been very supportive of my cake-decorating business from my get-go. He gave me a generous budget and a general directive: make an amazing, show-stopping cake for a big birthday party for his adult daughter. The budget was enough that I could make … More First Four-Tier