Fresh Canadian

Today we became Canadians. We’ve been on our trip to and through the Canadian Rockies for three weeks now. I’ve been knitting socks and taking pictures and notes, and I’ll tell you all about it soon enough. But today I had to stop and share this important news. We submitted our application to become citizens … More Fresh Canadian

Tying Up

For the last few days we’ve all been struggling with colds, taking it easy, coming down from the Christmas high. I’ve also been doing some reflecting on the year that’s past, and setting some intentions for next year. In those plans, there were a couple of small unfinished projects that didn’t make it onto my … More Tying Up


So many of us have been affected by the present crisis, in so many ways. There’s the physical threat, the fear for our families, and beyond that, an enormous trickle-down economic effect that we are going to feel for a long time. This too shall pass, but in the present, the overwhelm is real. Small … More Made-With-Love-Along

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If you don’t care about yarn, scroll to the bottom for the punchline. I’ll save you the time. After a serious push, my 4-ply gradient cable yarn is done. The final moments of the second set of two-plies: Four beautiful balls of two-ply gradient, that I couldn’t stop staring at (at least, for the five … More Scroll Down for News