A Chill in the Air

You might think I was done introducing new things this week, but you would be quite wrong. Mum has two more new colors we’d like to share with you.

Blue Spruce seems an appropriate color as it gets colder. The deciduous sisters are bursting into their glorious color, but soon they will be bare, and the evergreens will have a monopoly on airborne photosynthesis. Blue spruce was always our favorite breed Christmas tree, though we could only afford one a few times. Now that Mum has perfected getting a rich blue from black beans, she’s added a thin layer of yellow from apple bark to make a cold-weather color combination.

Unlike most of Kirby Woolpaca, this colorway has longer repeats, so it’ll more tend to stripe than pool unless your rows/rounds are very long.

Finally, Naturally Neutral is the bare, natural version of Kirby Woolpaca, which we’ve decided to start offering in our mini-hanks. Use it for your own dyeing projects, or when you just feel like being a purist. Seeing it inspires me to put it beside some of our wilder colors in some cheerful winter fair isle. But it’s not quite cold enough to make me think of snow… it’s only just cold enough to make me think of cold. But I’ve pulled out the blankets to stack on the couches, and my feet are unhappy without wool on them.

As usual, both of these colors, and all their mates, are available on the Kirby Woolpaca page.

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