Good Advice

Naomi and I were picking through the yarn chest one day, looking for I know not what. She was asking about this and that yarn, and I was telling her what I had planned for them. “I’d hoped to make a sweater for myself with those, but I don’t know which one… I wound that … More Good Advice

November Sunrise

This morning, Jared spotted the beginnings of a beautiful sunrise. I rushed for my camera, and I thought you might like to see what I captured. This October was difficult, but November has been better, in no small part because there’s a special beauty in the light now. I was hungry for beauty, and now … More November Sunrise


Today I finished reading Kate Davies’ new book, Handywoman. I’ll let her back cover supply the tag line. I’ve been following Kate’s work for a while now, but only in the last year have begun investing in it: I now own four of her pattern books, and this one. Despite years of drooling, you see … More Handily

This Year’s Sweater

The Rohan/Zimmerzog sweater is finished. This will probably be the only sweater that I knit this calendar year. It’s only the second fingering-weight sweater I’ve ever knit, and the first yoke sweater. It also represents a major effort to apply the intention I’ve been learning from spinning to a large knitting project. Let’s see if … More This Year’s Sweater