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The above pictures were taken at various times; colors have been adjusted to most accurately show the color of the yarn in the pictures. Scroll down for larger photos and detailed color descriptions.

Kirby Woolpaca is:

  • $7.00
  • 50% Wool / 50% Alpaca
  • Worsted Weight
  • Dyed by hand with ingredients from nature
  • 109 yards/100 meters
  • 1.7 ounces/50 grams
  • 5 st./in. on US 7 needles
  • Care: Handwash only in cold water.

If you order 5 or more skeins, you may receive part of you order in a 250-gram Mega Skein. (Because that’s just fun.) Your yarn will usually be dyed to order, so please allow a few weeks for shipping. This ensures your order will match in lot. We always recommend, with this or any other hand-dyed yarn, to alternate between two skeins every other row, to ensure the most even blend of color.



New For Fall 2012: Black Walnut Brown is a deep, chocolatey brown soaked out of black walnuts.

New For Fall 2012: Orchard Orange is dyed with apple bark, then overdyed with cochineal to make this bright salmon.

Magentastic is a cheerful magenta-purple dyed with insect pupae called cochineal.

Magentastic: 6 Available

Purple Pizzazz is a blend of brighter purples from cochineal and darker purples from logwood to make this balanced purple – a semi-solid with overtones of deep lavender.

Purple Pizzazz: 12 available

Misty Mauve is a dark grey-purple with an almost vintage-y feel, dyed with powder made from the logwood plant.


Misty Mauve: 6 available

Golden Delicious is a delightful soft yellow, dyed with the twigs and bark of the apple tree in my grandmother’s yard.

Golden Delicious: 100 Available

Sprout Sage is a mix of blue-greens and yellow-greens which mix together into a mature spring-fall color. This color is achieved with Black Beans and Turmeric.

Sprout Sage: 100 Available

Luscious Latte is a semi-solid pale brown made from Black Walnuts, evoking the favorite elixir of life for the OFS dyers.

Luscious Latte: 100 Available 

Winter Sky is a beautiful blue semi-solid, as calming to look at as the wool-alpaca blend is to touch.

Winter Sky: 100 Available

Raspberry Rouge is a blend of deep red and fuscia colors, all from the rich and versatile Pokeberry. Unavailable until Fall 2014.

Raspberry Rouge: 75 Available

Naturally Neutral is a completely solid, undyed, natural wool-alpaca. Use our mini-skeins for your own dyeing projects, or as a contrast color, or when you’re just in the mood to be a purist. New for Fall 2011.

Naturally Neutral: 100 Available



New For Fall 2012: Mud Puddle is a darker version of Baby Boy Peter (below), mixing the darkest possible hues of both black walnuts and black beans.

New For Fall 2012: Spring Joy combines the brights of apple bark and black beans to make this baby-appropriate blend.

Blue Spruce is a muted blend of two cool colors at their best – blue from black beans, overlaid with enough gentle yellow from apple tree bark for a green combination over long repeats.

Indian Summer evokes those late-winter days, when you’re longing for spring, and every new bit of green is almost painfully beautiful. The ingredients in this yarn are Turmeric, Black Bean, and Black Walnut. Short repeats make for a blended effect between the many tones.

Crazy Crayons is a brilliant combination of Pokeberry, Turmeric, and Black Bean dyes which combine for a brighter side of the rainbow. Medium sized repeats make for delightful unpredictability.

Willow is composed of three different browns from three different materials: Black Walnut, Cherry Tree Bark, and Queen Anne’s Lace. Short repeats will blend these beautiful browns together.

Redwood is a mostly brown yarn from Black Walnuts, with rich red highlights from pokeberries. Short, irregular repeats will spread the pokeberry pops throughout your work.

Baby Boy Peter is one of our favorites, now in worsted form – rich sky blue from Black Beans mixed evenly with the brown of Black Walnuts. Short color repeats make for a blended effect.

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