About Rebecca

My name is Rebecca. My husband and I are priests in the Anglican Church of Canada, and we have three little girls. We’re originally from Maryland, USA, but now live in Iqaluit, Nunavut, in the far north of Canada just outside the Arctic circle, where we are assistant priests at St. Jude’s Anglican Cathedral. I like to knit and write.

The Osborn Fiber Studio blog has been a place for me to share my crafting projects, theological reflections, and life adventures, through many seasons of life since it began in 2009. These days, this is a space for me to record my projects, share my learning processes, and reflect on the connections between crafting, faith, and life.

My erstwhile video blog is called A Priest Crafts.

You can find some of my sermons and the occasional post about life in the far North at the Osborns in the Arctic blog.

You can find my original handknitting patterns here on ravelry.

You can find me on ravelry and instagram as rebbiejaye.

Osborn Fiber Studio no longer produces yarn. My mom has carried on and greatly expanded our project of naturally dying yarn, and you can find her products at Colorstorms.

3 thoughts on “About Rebecca

  1. Hi Rebecca, I came across your blog yesterday while looking for a video on drum carding and I like it very much. Had the internet existed when I was your age I probably would have written very similar things. I too believe in the profound connection between craft and the soul and could simply not be happy without a project! Best wishes to you and your family up there in the Great White North! (lived in Alberta for a while…)
    P.S. Can’t get your mum’s link to work. Is it still live?


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