SCS: Analogous: Bubblegum

I get to share about sock spins today! This spin started as a bundle of undyed mystery wool, which I dyed in two different analogous-esque colourways. I spun the black-bean dyed very light-colored wool first, but I’ll come back to that later. For the bubblegum-colored food-coloring-dyed yarn, I wanted to try something different structurally. So … More SCS: Analogous: Bubblegum

A Priest Crafts: S2 Episode 2: Morse Code Thanks

My second weaving project is done! In this episode I focus on my planning process, going from a color gamp sample to finished pillows. The stripes appear random, but they are actually the name of our new home in Morse Code. The blue background says “Kangi&iniq,” the Inuktitut name for Rankin Inlet, and the purple … More A Priest Crafts: S2 Episode 2: Morse Code Thanks

Scroll Down for News

If you don’t care about yarn, scroll to the bottom for the punchline. I’ll save you the time. After a serious push, my 4-ply gradient cable yarn is done. The final moments of the second set of two-plies: Four beautiful balls of two-ply gradient, that I couldn’t stop staring at (at least, for the five … More Scroll Down for News

Still Spinning My Wheels – Proverbially and Figuratively

It’s the feast of the Annunciation today. I’m still pregnant, though who knows if I will still be pregnant by the end of the day. Yesterday, our due date, came and went without much fanfare. I did find out I’ve been accepted as a postulant for ordination in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh – a … More Still Spinning My Wheels – Proverbially and Figuratively

The Long Spin

I have been working on the same spinning project for over two years now. It all started with this grand plan, associated with the Lothlorien cape designed by Susan Pandorf. I loved the gradient the sample was made in, but I did not want to pay out the nose for the yarn suggested. (Over two … More The Long Spin

Ten Balls a-Ringing

When I worked at Cloverhill, a co-worker told me about a Christmas tradition she had with her kids. Every year, they picked three things to give away, and they received three presents. (Three for the wise men.) This struck me as eminently reasonable. Not everyone has to do it, of course, and some rule like … More Ten Balls a-Ringing