Sometimes in life, major tragedies happen. Then there’s everything else. Let me explain. When I dye yarn, after I rinse it, I spin it in my washing machine to get all the excess water out. This makes it dry a good bit faster. I’ve done this dozens of times, and at least once in my … More Disentangling

Bobbles, Popcorns, Nupps, and Knitting Backwards

It isn’t every day that I write a blog post that requires a table of contents, but there’s no use being in denial about it, so here it goes. In this tutorial, I will be showing three bobble or “bobble-like” techniques. 1. Bobbles 1. supplemental Knitting backwards (a.k.a. How Not to Hate Bobbles) 2. Popcorns … More Bobbles, Popcorns, Nupps, and Knitting Backwards

Chart-Reading Basics

I love charts. I use them almost exclusively. I have no problem with written directions; I do not think them inferior, nor do I have any negative opinion about knitters who rely on them. Written directions are indispensable for knitters at different levels of chart-reading, so I always provide them. (I also always test-knit them … More Chart-Reading Basics