The Wonder of Apples

My life is divided into 2 seasons, and if I’m going to be optimistic about it, I would title them:  Happy   Fall/Winter and Joyous-Busy Spring/Summer.  But in reality, September through February is fun.  The new school year starts and I can realistically look forward to some interesting homeschool reading with my little daughter (now … More The Wonder of Apples

Spin Retreat ’12: Softcore – or soft, with a core.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, my silk hankie thread was next followed by my first-ever intentional novelty yarn. Core spun yarn, that is; specifically core spun singles. The singles in question were 1.6 oz. of “fine wool,” a takeaway from 2011’s spin in. And, I thought, very nearly Kirby colored. I wish to picture … More Spin Retreat ’12: Softcore – or soft, with a core.