Video: Short Row Shaping

Hey all! I did a video!

Why did I make a video about short row shaping when there are about fifty mazillion of them on the youtubes? I will tell you.

In the Carolingian Cross pattern (set to come out on Pascha 2012), there is some use of short rows. However, I include a rather unusual instruction which requires you to pick up and purl a wrap while on the wrong side. This can be done invisibly, but I’ve not seen an instruction on how to do this before. Hang in to the end of the video below to learn how to do this.

In teaching short row heels in particular, I’ve run into the fact that most folks do not intuit the magic that is the short row, especially the “knit the stitch with its wrap” instruction so blithely included. So, in this video, I’ve gone through the whole process: how to wrap and turn, how to pick up a wrap, and once it’s picked up, how to do three different kinds of decreases with it.

I cannot get embedding to work AT ALL so here is a wee linky:

I must apologize, as always, for the video quality. I’m taking this video with a 10-year-old point-and-shoot camera inherited from my grandfather, and I have to watch myself knitting through the viewscreen to keep it centered. Also, I know jack squat about videos, and I don’t even own the video-editing software that was supposed to come with this computer. But I comfort myself with the fact that, if you hate it, there are an aforesaid mazillion videos on youtube on short rows, and I’m sure at least one of them is better than this one.

Cheers! I have two days to write a 20-page research paper, so I might not come up for air for a bit. But when I do, I will be in FLOW-RI-DUH. Spring break, here I come.

One thought on “Video: Short Row Shaping

  1. aha! I now I know the reason why I haven’t gotten back to my epiphany socks. I need this video! Can’t wait to find the time to get to both! Thanks.


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