I always feel a little bad doing a bunch of “work-y” posts in a row – this blog is primarily a form of self-expression, not a marketing tool. But… it is also a marketing tool. We’ve been working our little tushies off trying to do justice to the new Kirby Meritime yarn, and the fact that its release coincided with the beginning of the month means that this is the third new pattern out in a week! You can bet we’ll plan that better next time. This time it’s quick, free, and also available in a kit in a variety of colors – colors that you helped pick. I give you Gooseberry.

Recognize the stitch? You should; it’s one of the many variations of the Three-Color Daisy Stitch (Thank you Barbara Walker; Second Treasury) that you chose the colors for last week. The kit will be available officially in seven of the funnest colorways, but as always you can make your own kit out of any colors you like by emailing me.

Why “Gooseberry?” Honest truth: Being a yank, I don’t really know anything about gooseberries. But the stitch looked very berry-ish to me, and I’ve been charmed ever since I watched Victorian Farm with how Ruth Goodman pronounced them “guzz-burries.” I guess I should try to find some before I get too attached to the idea.

Because Kirby Meritime is wool blended with Tencel, the ribbing in particular does tend to relax a great deal. This allows for some versatility in how it’s worn. I like to wear it semi-slouched but covering the ears, as above. But you could also wear it super-slouched, or what I call “rasta style,” as below…

…or pull it all the way down like a beanie if you want to practice looking like a broody teenager.

(because that look is so hot right now on anyone over 17. Not.)

You can download the pattern for free through ravelry: Or if you purchase the yarn as a kit (it’s the second one down), we’ll include a color copy of the pattern with your yarn.

Happy stitches. I’ve got some thinky posts on the works in my brain, so I promise next week we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled rambles.

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