Ten Balls a-Ringing

When I worked at Cloverhill, a co-worker told me about a Christmas tradition she had with her kids. Every year, they picked three things to give away, and they received three presents. (Three for the wise men.) This struck me as eminently reasonable. Not everyone has to do it, of course, and some rule like … More Ten Balls a-Ringing

Five More Hats!!!!

This is everybody’s favorite verse, I think. Eddie Izzard certainly thinks so. (a bit of swearing in that link, be aware of who’s in the room before you click.) FIIIIIIIIVE GOOOOOLD RIIIIIIINGS!!! Right? Anyway, today the rings are around heads, and have tops, because they are hats. And I’m celebrating with a free pattern, so … More Five More Hats!!!!

Fashion Twelve-ward

… and back to the mundane again. The mundane, but the lovely mundane. After all, we fight the good fight and run the race so that we can have a good home to come back and enjoy normal, human things, right? And, at least in Christianity, becoming more human doesn’t mean becoming less embodied. That’s … More Fashion Twelve-ward


I always feel a little bad doing a bunch of “work-y” posts in a row – this blog is primarily a form of self-expression, not a marketing tool. But… it is also a marketing tool. We’ve been working our little tushies off trying to do justice to the new Kirby Meritime yarn, and the fact … More Gooseberry

Last Minute Gifts

I’ve mentioned it in passing, beating around the bush, but now that December is here, there’s no escaping it: Christmas is coming. If you are under the age of yuletide responsibility, these words are probably accompanied by joy and cheer! But adults hear the sounding of a death knell as they realize they still haven’t … More Last Minute Gifts