Way Too Much Fun

I have a bag of Kirby Meritime samples – one of each, to be precise. What would you do, if you had a bag of colors sitting by your side, and a paper to avoid writing? You play, of course.

My idea: A hat, big and slouchy, with a loud combination of three colors, definitely combining warms and cools. But which three? It’s hard to pick a wrong combo when they all go together so well. So I put a bunch of combinations together; you tell me what you think. Or go to the Meritime page and come up with another combination. I’ll probably decide by tonight and knit it over the weekend, and if you like more than one of them, I’ll have to knit a bunch of little swatches up…

#1: “Iris” – Mystic Mauve, Groovy Green, and Golden Delicious.


#2 “Meadow” – Naked Apple, Winter Sky, and Groovy Green


#3: “Jewels” – Mystic Mauve, Sprout Sage, and Peach Orchard


#4: “Bouquet” – Magentastic, Mystic Mauve, and Nectar


#5: “Rosebud” – Raspberry Rouge, Nectar, and Sprout Sage


#6: “Posies” – Golden Delicious, Groovy Green, and Magentastic


#7: “Drifted” – Magentastic, Groovy Green, and Naturally Neutral


#8: “Punch” – Naturally Neutral, Raspberry Rouge, and Peach Orchard


#9: “Peat” – Naturally Neutral, Black Walnut Brown, and Sprout Sage

How to decide?! I shall employ my favorite tools: procrastination and delegation. In other words, you decide while I go do other things. Today I have three scottish side dishes to make before 6, and a book on buddhism to read while things boil.

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