Draped in Longwool

At long last, my Draper Cardigan is done! This was an exercise in bringing all my attention and intention to bear to make a sweater that was practical and suits my body shape, while using my stash. I’ve already written about the yarn and Underhill Farm, whence it came. I feel completely validated in my … More Draped in Longwool

A Bonnet for my Heid

On the day that I wrapped Jared’s nearly finished nasaq: I cast on a heid for myself. Kate Davies has taken to calling a hat a “Heid”, which is in fact Scots for head. This is from her early patterns which had graphic representations of things on them: “dollheid” has paper dolls; “neepheid” has turnips; … More A Bonnet for my Heid

Nasaq Niaqumut

It has been my tradition to make Jared a hat for Christmas most years since we’ve been married. Sometimes the knit thing is not a hat, but it’s still a “hat”. I’d decided against Christmas knitting this year, but hats were still on my mind. I had promised a couple years ago now to make … More Nasaq Niaqumut

Step into 2019

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m blowing my nose. I have the rare gift of a bit of time to work while it’s still light out. The sky is hovering between pastels and that dark periwinkle I’ve come to love. A new year is coming. One of my Wool n’ Spinning compadres, Becca, inspired me … More Step into 2019

Sew Me Love

We are all anticipation right now: gifts are half wrapped, projects half assembled, tree decorating, gingerbread house not. There’s a lot of joyous bustling still to be done, and you do not wish to know the state of my floors. However, in the interest of staying present and taking a break from the chaos, let … More Sew Me Love

Back at the Needle

Casa Osborn (Osbornkut?) started school this week! One big girl started Kindergarten, and that same little girl has always wanted fur on her coat hood. Jared had found a suitable piece of fur at a rummage sale in the spring. Already cut to shape and backed with tough commander fabric, it saved me a lot … More Back at the Needle