A Priest Crafts: S2 Episode 2: Morse Code Thanks

My second weaving project is done! In this episode I focus on my planning process, going from a color gamp sample to finished pillows. The stripes appear random, but they are actually the name of our new home in Morse Code. The blue background says “Kangi&iniq,” the Inuktitut name for Rankin Inlet, and the purple … More A Priest Crafts: S2 Episode 2: Morse Code Thanks


There’s nothing like a commission from my kid! Paid in laundry folding, of course. It started with N asking if I could weave a ballerina. “Maybe… can you show me what pose you want the ballerina to be doing?” Well… I think I can do that! What followed was some sketching, and some discussion of … More Collaboration

Strodie is Naughtie

I finished knitting Strodie: the first draft of it, anyway. And I do mean Finished: the ends are woven in and it was blocked. But I’m not sure it’s Done. The Good: the fabric is fabulous. I have loved Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light for ages, and the Copper Corgi sock yarn was the perfect companion … More Strodie is Naughtie

Fourth Pair

What can a pair of boots… mean? That’s what I keep asking myself as a sit down to write this post. They mean the end of a journey that started with a promise: a promise to make my husband kamiik. And they mean he had faith in me to follow through when we invested in … More Fourth Pair