Knitivity: Holy Family

Years ago, my friend Rachel (my prayer buddy Rachel, or as she is known to my kids, either “Auntie Rachel” or “not-spinning Rachel”) gave me a book called “Knitivity,” with instructions for knitting a playful Nativity scene. It went into the “someday” pile, but this last year I realized my kids are at the prime … More Knitivity: Holy Family

Wedding Rings

It’s not every day that your little sister gets married. Our summer was largely structured around the joy of getting to go down south for nearly two months, to see our families and be a part of Leah’s wedding. Now that I’m kinda into quilting a little (haha), this was also the perfect excuse to … More Wedding Rings

Sarah Scott

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! This is my last post about my knitting through the Bluestockings book by Kate Davies and Nicole Pohl. It came out a few weeks ago, and my copy arrived in my hot little hands this week! As usual, it’s a beautiful book, this time with lots of full-page historical reproductions and … More Sarah Scott

Mary Delany

Mary Delany is an artist whose work I had heard of before the Bluestocking club. She is known for the accurate and stunning botanical art she made using cut paper. If you’d like to have your mind blown, you can read about her and see some of her works here at the British Museum’s website. … More Mary Delany

Elizabeth Carter

I am so behind on blogging! Right now we are in Maryland, enjoying the summer heat with Jared’s family and getting ready for my sister’s wedding. More on that another day. But the socks I knit last month are definitely worth reflecting on, so now that I have a few minutes – big girls out … More Elizabeth Carter

Catherine Macaulay

I’ve finished three more pairs of “Bluestockings” socks recently, and for some reason I’ve had trouble getting around to blogging about any of them. Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather outside, or the getting ready to go on vacation in six days… the same weather that has made these portable projects just perfect for this summer. … More Catherine Macaulay