Store: Kirby Meritime

Meritime is: 

“Mondrette” Intarsia Pullover

  • $8.00
  • 50% Merino Wool / 50% Tencel
  • Heavy Worsted Weight
  • 109 yards / 100 meters
  • 1.7 oz / 50 grams
  • 4 st./in. on US 8 needles in stockinette
  • Care: Handwash only in cold water
  • For information on and kits of our two new Kirby Woolpaca patterns (shown at right), visit our kits page!

If you order 5 or more skeins, you may receive part of you order in a 250-gram Mega Skein. (Because that’s just fun.) Your yarn will usually be dyed to order, so please allow a few weeks for shipping. This ensures your order will match in lot. We always recommend, with this or any other hand-dyed yarn, to alternate between two skeins every other row, to ensure the most even blend of color.

Peach Orchard – This salmon-colored hue is made with madder root.

Nectar – This golden tone is madder root overdyed with turmeric.

Golden Delicious – Apple bark is used to achieve this cheerful yellow.

Sprout Sage – Apple bark is overdyed with black beans, resulting in this olive green.

Groovy Green – Yarn dyed with black beans is lightly overdyed with turmeric to bring out this forest green.

Winter Sky – This OFS tradition continues in a new yarn, still dyed with organic black beans.

Mystic Mauve – This deep indigo, dyed with logwood bark, is a new OFS favorite.

Magentastic – Dye made from cochineal bugs makes this soft rose.

Raspberry Rouge – Pokeberries harvested from our own backyards make this deep scarlet. Unavailable until Fall 2014.

Black Walnut Brown – Black walnut husks make this earthy tone.

Naked Apple – This healthy tan is dyed with apple bark, but without the use of mordant.

Naturally Neutral – Our base yarn comes in a diamond white.

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