Fuzzy Report 

This has been a lovely review of knits gone by. I’ve enjoyed the brief daily post; it feels like a discipline, whether or not it’s useful for my character. It’s time to shift back to the present tense. Last time I was updating you on something current (aside from the tricolour bag), I had just … More Fuzzy Report 

No Time, Must Knit

Just a quick progress update, no time to comment, ‘cuz it’s day 15 and I’ve still got a fair clip to go. The long, placid, enjoyable slog through the body was my weekdays this week. I had finished the body and divided off for the pockets in what seemed like good time, but for whatever, … More No Time, Must Knit

Hitting My Stride

Day 8 of the Olympics, and we’re nearly though what I think of as the “swimming/gymnastics” half of the games, getting into the “athletics/whatever else TV decides to cover [generally not the stuff I want]” half of it. We’ve seen Ledeckey, Phelps, and Oleksiak smash their competition with confidence, and watched a ridiculously powerful American … More Hitting My Stride

Colour Commentary

And now we give you a recap of the first three days of the Sweater Triathlon here at the Ravellenic Games. With us are star commentators Meg Swanson and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. They’ll be following the progress of one of Team Canada’s newest members. Over to you, Meg. M: Thanks Ron. We’re here following Rebecca Osborn, … More Colour Commentary