Fuzzy Definitely UNfinished

This endless head cold has been bad for spinning, but very good for garter stitch.

I think our family has watched My Neighbor Totoro every day for almost two weeks. The girls are mostly better, and Jared’s been better so long that he’s starting on his next cold, but mine’s still hanging on. So it’s couch and garter stitch for me. Yesterday, though, I was given the amazing gift of a day without the kids (and therefore also without Totoro). The solitude was as good a medicine as the rest. 

Not much to say about the sweater The weird gaps you see above are the collar steeks. I’ve never seen steeks on a sideways sweater before, but it was the only way I could come up with to keep the stripes a consistent width across the whole body. But I haven’t cut them yet, so there’s not much to show. 

Three more stripes and a lot more knitting to go before the body is done.  Then I’ll make the cowl collar, steek, try it on, and assess how much yarn I have left for the sleeves. 

This is the only thing on the needles right now, but I want to keep it that way until I’ve finished finishing all those other things. I must be getting better, because all this garter stitch is feeling pretty boring again. 

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