Found Forest

One of the things I miss about my homeland, down on the eastern seaboard of the USA, is all the trees. I grew up in a forest, where out of a third-story window I could see tulip poplars tower above our roof. I didn’t appreciate their beauty as a kid – it was just normal. … More Found Forest

I Spy in January

I spy a rainbow in my sledRed gas canYellow diesel canBlue tarpLittle green parkaLittle pink parka And my big indigo-purple snowpantsWith orange lining. Outside my sled Is monochromeUntil my eyes adjust to the contrastBlack rocks on white snowSage lichen on black rocksOrange fungus on sage lichenSlate ice with aqua fissuresWhite sky with a rim of … More I Spy in January

Oh, Canada!

We had a rockin’ Canada Day today. A friend and I found Dooners dress at “Canadian Tire,” which inspired the other two to join in the red-and-white display. This was the most fun when we joined in the town parade, at which I forgot to take pictures. The annual Canada Day cookout was cancelled because … More Oh, Canada!


I can’t help it – every time I see a flower for the first time each year, I have to take a picture of it. This year, being in a different region, I got to see some flowers that were entirely new to me. Others are old friends. Here is a record of what I … More Flora


This cabin trip was the first time I’ve ever had any real success taking good pictures of wild animals. This is a catalogue of what I photographed this week – mostly birds. Eider ducks: Loons: Swans: This pair of swans turned up in the neighborhood every evening. Mostly they stayed at the furthest edge of … More Fauna