Oh, Canada!

We had a rockin’ Canada Day today. A friend and I found Dooners dress at “Canadian Tire,” which inspired the other two to join in the red-and-white display. This was the most fun when we joined in the town parade, at which I forgot to take pictures. The annual Canada Day cookout was cancelled because … More Oh, Canada!


I can’t help it – every time I see a flower for the first time each year, I have to take a picture of it. This year, being in a different region, I got to see some flowers that were entirely new to me. Others are old friends. Here is a record of what I … More Flora


This cabin trip was the first time I’ve ever had any real success taking good pictures of wild animals. This is a catalogue of what I photographed this week – mostly birds. Eider ducks: Loons: Swans: This pair of swans turned up in the neighborhood every evening. Mostly they stayed at the furthest edge of … More Fauna


I’m not sure exactly how this project happened. As so often happens in my life, I made a series of decisions that seemed logical at the time, which turned into a train of events that took me somewhere completely unexpected. This journey started with a beautiful woven Oscha babywearing wrap that a friend generously gifted … More Linsey-Woolsey

Mend it or Mulch it

Following my success with patching N’s leggings, I’ve been making good progress with the mending this month. Here are some of my favourites. I tried the “full Rodabaugh” on a pair of my stretch jeans that wore right out on one knee. I used that same “jegging” fabric that I used on Ns pants, and … More Mend it or Mulch it

Good Advice

Naomi and I were picking through the yarn chest one day, looking for I know not what. She was asking about this and that yarn, and I was telling her what I had planned for them. “I’d hoped to make a sweater for myself with those, but I don’t know which one… I wound that … More Good Advice