February 2020 Roundup: Cold

Even in a leap year, February does tend to get away from one. It was a very cold month, with more days than not in the -30s, with windchills one the -40s. We were also cut down with a series of colds, which for once I took the brunt of. When I was functioning, I was working on things I can’t talk about yet. But in and around other things, there was a little bit of making.


Let’s see, I mended one pair of pants, a used rabbit-fur-lined parka we were given, and finally finished a couple of the placemats Stringbean and I started last year.

They were done except for the binding for months while I waited to get Stringbeans sewing machine going. We did get it working, but soon discovered that neither of our machines could handle sewing through four layers of cotton fleece, fabric, stabilizer, and nonslip backing that I repurposed from some shelf matting. So I’ve had to sew the binding on by hand. It’s a task I enjoy when I do it, but one can’t help but think of all the more efficient and urgent things one should be doing. Ah well. It’s a discipline in follow through.


You haven’t seen any spinning from me this month because I haven’t quite finished any of my 51 yarns spins. One just needs blocking and measuring; another is being plied still. Behind again. Oh well. It’s gorgeous though.

The fractal I started plying last night. Yum!


I actually got something off the loom, something really lovely! I’m mostly saving it for a video, but who knows how long that will take to finish? So here’s a looksie:


Ah, here we are finally getting somewhere. February almost gave me a sweater. I cruised though the body and yoke of a Keith Moon I’ve had planned forever, but I had that niggling sense you get that something isn’t quite right.

Blame the wool fumes, but when I was shopping last summer I somehow believed that the screaming orange above was a mustardy yellow. I decided it was hideous.

Not just the colour, but the style wasn’t working for me. The a-line shape, fitted and long over the hips, I do not find flattering on myself.

The final problem? The green handspun and the grey are really not the same weight, and the difference in the fabrics was harsh.

Ringle by KD, converted to top down.

So to the frog pond it went. I have since cast on a Ringle, which I’m working top down. The fit is yet to be judged, but the fabric I like lots better. That orange is consigned for the abyss.


Not a lot to report here. I moved the DVD shelf to be close to the TV, so hopefully I can get a bookshelf in there. Husband got the kids coat hooks up, increasing the tidiness of our entryway by a large factor. We finally planted the Aerogarden with some tomato seeds from my friend Kelly.

It doesn’t feel like we’re moving in, just adjusting. Even though we STILL haven’t unpacked our books (argh!!).

The best thing was Stringbean’s birthday. I cannot believe it, but she’s 7. We had a lovely party for her, and I wasn’t even stressed, and she handled disappointments well, and her sisters were champs. It was a great weekend.

From a second party we had with some family friends who couldn’t make the party. So sweet.

February is over, thankfully, and March? Well, March is usually dreary, but this month it may be the most exciting of the year. Stay tuned.

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