Secretly More than a Swatch

You might be able to tell by the time you finish reading this post, but I’ve spent the last week listening to a book tape with very dry and precise prose. I love books on tape, and when I become particularly absorbed in one, I begin writing as if I can hear the reader voicing my words. In this case, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is read by a man who, though very good, could be Peter Whimsey’s butler. I’ll have to watch some more Buffy next week to balance it out.

By the time the Mondrette pattern had taken shape – we had sent pictures and suggestions back and forth for weeks – Mom had decided she wanted to make a child’s version. We wanted to release them together, but the timetable we had set for ourselves made this impossible. By the time Mondrette came out, though, Mom had finished the back, which functioned conveniently as the “swatch” you see above for the “cool” colorway. The completion of the second sweater didn’t take long, though, and it looks perfect on the smallest Jennings.

Mondrette for Children is a simplified version of the Mondrette; it has a simple drop-shoulder construction instead of set-in sleeves, and there’s no waist shaping. It is also knit in the new Kirby Meritime. If you’ve never done intarsia colorwork – or any colorwork – before in your life, these patterns would be a great way to learn – you have both stripes and intarsia, but in simple, obvious places that allow you to focus on technique. The charts are also very simple.

To allow for a more modest scoop neck that still fits over a child’s inordinately large head, Mom added a simple button closure to the back of the neck. It’s accomplished simply; you simply stop performing intarsia and get a gap. Crochet around the hole, and you’re set.

Mondrette for Children is available as a kit; just click the kit link at the top of the left sidebar. You can always invent your own colorway, of course, but we’ve provided two choices – the “warm” colorway mum is wearing, and the “cool” one modeled by Bethany. If you want to personalize it simply, just pick one of the colors in the blocks to be the main color, and we’ll switch it out for you. I’m personally itching to make one with Mystic Mauve as the main color. The pattern is included in the kit, though you can of course purchase it separately through ravelry by clicking here.

The eponymous Kirby of Kirby Meritime is present and accounted for.

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