Eleven Brand New Colors

This is a big one, you guys – a big reveal that we have long been waiting to share with you. Mom has been dyeing her little heart out in the Maryland branch of Osborn Fiber Studio, and now I can show you what’s in store for this spring.

During my few years of exposure to the handknitting industry I’ve learned that there are two big seasons to prepare for: Fall, which launches the cold-weather time in our part of the world, when most knitters are starting to think about casting on something serious; and Spring. “Spring” really starts in the depths of winter, when you no longer have the cozy excitement of the holidays to look forward to, just those last few unfair months of cold followed by mud. It’s when I want my knitwear to cheer me up with bright colors and exciting patterns. If it’s interesting enough, it can transition perfectly into that more specialized season of summer knitting.

For the first time, we have something big to be an official Spring offering: a brand new line of yarn. I shouldn’t say brand new; this yarn made a small appearance as part of the Beaded Tunic Kits. But now we have a full-color compliment to release as its own line of Kirby Meritime.

These eleven colors (plus white) are 50% merino, 50% tencel (also known as seasilk, made from seaweed, lending to the nautical pun in the yarn’s name). It’s silky and soft and shiny and drapey. the colors we chose divide neatly into warm and cool colors, and we’re working on a couple patterns that take full advantage of them, both individually and together. This yarn will also be used in the final pattern of the Liturgical Year Series, in a kit for that purpose.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek. We plan to begin offering this yarn for sale toward the end of January, with a couple of patterns, and more to come as we look toward Spring.


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