Stole Sweater Succeed!

It only took:

A month of designing

A month of knitting

Two months of test knitting

and A month of copy editing and endless tweaking

To produce the Stole Sweater pattern, which is finally up for sale. It’s probably the most complicated and involved garment pattern I’ve produced – not because it’s that difficult to make, but because I wanted to be really, really thorough. So there is:

  • a big ol’ chart, triple checked for accuracy
  • complete written instructions for the chart, broken down within rows for clarity
  • Five sizes: 36″-52″
  • two schematic charts to explain the funky construction

If you can’t tell, I’m a little proud of this puppy.

If you like top-down, one piece sweaters, but want a somewhat different approach, I think you will get a kick out of this pattern. I’d like to do more things with the construction – maybe a vest? different kinds of ribbing, rather than actual increases? Who knows what will happen next. Anyway, I’m glad to have it out to you in time for it to become a favorite fall sweater if you should so choose.

After all that work, it sorta rips me up to give it away, but I would SO LOVE it if you signed up for the Liturgical Year series, that if you sign up before October 1st, you can have it for free. It’s already winging its way to those who have heretofore subscribed. Otherwise, it retails for $7.00 on Ravelry.

Speaking of the Liturgical Year series, I’ve decided that as I finish the designs, I will post pictures of them, both here and on the series page, to give you a preview of what’s coming. So tomorrow, you’ll get a sneak peek of the first Epiphany design. You would already have a look at it, though, if you signed up for my pattern email newsletter. So if you haven’t, you should. You know, if you want.

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