I can’t help it – every time I see a flower for the first time each year, I have to take a picture of it. This year, being in a different region, I got to see some flowers that were entirely new to me. Others are old friends. Here is a record of what I saw this past week. I don’t have a Nunavut plant guide or access to a library right now, but I noted the identity of the plant where I could.

Purple saxifrage. The girls call them “edibles.” They are Nunavut’s official flower.
These gave me such a big smile. Every spring I have to avoid Facebook a little bit, because the one thing I really miss in May is the azaleas blooming. But here these are! They are a dwarf species of rhododendron.
Ground Willow – one of many varieties

Willow trees are all over the place, growing much bigger than they usually do near Iqaluit. My obsession this time was taking their pictures reflected in the still little ponds that are everywhere while the snow melts.

Malikaat in their flowering stage. I don’t know their English name.

2 thoughts on “Flora

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I was looking at you email here and simply do not understand why you do not asked the people in your region the name of the plants you took pictures of. It is so much enjoyable when a name is attached to a flower picture it makes us learn about them especially if you add the Latin name also. There are tones of books about Northern flowers I am certain you can find a good one. I am French and use http://www.fleurbec.com/.Their books can be easily carried in a backpack or even in a hoody front pocket. Enjoy these beautiful flowers and be Safe.



    1. You’re right; I much prefer to identify the flowers. I hoped to come back and edit the post when I have access to materials. Our library was recently closed and we do not have access to amazon, but there are a couple of books I know of that I might be able to borrow off someone soon.


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