Last Minute Gifts

I’ve mentioned it in passing, beating around the bush, but now that December is here, there’s no escaping it: Christmas is coming. If you are under the age of yuletide responsibility, these words are probably accompanied by joy and cheer! But adults hear the sounding of a death knell as they realize they still haven’t … More Last Minute Gifts

Rosette Recipe

I had a little challenge two weeks ago – a commission to make an “interesting” baby hat for a little girl. I couldn’t make any of the texture ideas I had work out with the three colors my client (customer? collaborator? patron? victim?) chose, so I made a mostly plain hat with some textured bands … More Rosette Recipe


Happy almost-Pentecost! This Sunday we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the newborn church, fifty days after the Resurrection. The Easter season is coming to a close, and we enter into the second half of the liturgical calendar, in which we focus on growth and walking in the way of the cross in … More Spirited

Twelve Knobby Knots

Happy twelfth day of Christmas, everyone! Tomorrow is the day we remember the wise men coming to bearing gifts for baby Jesus, and today I come bearing gifts for you. Big, fat ones, with imaginary ribbons. My cool boss at the farm, R. J., had stated in passing that she wanted some socks. When queried … More Twelve Knobby Knots

Ten Cotton Cloths

Today’s post, on the 10th day of Christmas, is a present for both you and me. I learned something and gained a new fiber to like, and you get a free pattern out of the deal. Sweet, eh? I hate cotton. Hate it with the violent passion of a thousand suns on the dark side … More Ten Cotton Cloths

An Awspishus Day

It’s finally happened, folks! I am a publish-ished designer. By that I mean that I got a pattern carried by a major yarn company, and I got paid for it, even though the pattern does not necessarily exist anywhere in physical form. See it in its natural habitat here. I am, as ever, jazzed by … More An Awspishus Day