Twelve Knobby Knots

Happy twelfth day of Christmas, everyone! Tomorrow is the day we remember the wise men coming to bearing gifts for baby Jesus, and today I come bearing gifts for you. Big, fat ones, with imaginary ribbons.

My cool boss at the farm, R. J., had stated in passing that she wanted some socks. When queried non-chalantly about her favorite color, she coolly answered “forest green.” Okay then. Forest Green socks it is.

I found and fell in love with a skein of Ella Rae’s Lace Merino. Yarn Review: I can’t believe the dye job on these babies. They’re incredibly gorgeous. And I love working with that particular “coiled” type yarn construction (I don’t know what it’s actually called). Even though it’s called Lace, it’s obviously a workable sock yarn – no nylon, but it is superwash. But it is finer than the average sock yarn, as I found out the hard way.

I ended up knitting most of a sock before finally admitting that the gauge made the sock extra small. I couldn’t even get it on my foot. Not willing to knit the same failed sock pattern over again, I exasperatedly cast on in 2×2 rib.

Then I started playing around. What happens if I decrease like this… and increase… and ooh how can I make them match… and on and on until before I knew it, I had a full-fledged original sock pattern on my hands. I wrote it up, test-knit it on the second sock, and voila.

I give you Knotty – So named because the shapes reminds me of the knots on a gnarled old tree. Insert a Christmas pun of your choice here.

This is an unusual but very doable pattern for the knitter who’s only done a pair or two before. It’s all 2×2 ribbing, but the knots are formed with increases and decreases. The heel is a typical flap – but look out for the gusset decreases – they’re in an odd place. (I’ve always wanted to try that.)

This pattern is offered for free download right here.

Please note: the smaller size has not been test-knitted. I went over the math ’till my head hurt, but I didn’t knit them myself. I couldn’t knit a second pair right now with a gun to my head (well okay maybe then) so I am looking for an experienced sock knitter to volunteer. I have little to offer in return except a warm thank you and a pat on the back, but such things are often their own reward (hey, you will hopefully at least get a pair of socks at the end). If you do test-knit these, please shoot an email to osbornfiber at gmail dot com to let me know how it went.

The rest of your gifts are highly ethereal in nature. Myself and Curtis (aside: I must be the luckiest knit blogger in the world to have both a husband AND a webmaster who knit. Seriously!) have been messing about with the site a bit, trying to spruce it up for the new year. This is very much still in progress, but you may have noticed some sidebar changes: Knitting patterns now have their own category, so you can access all OFS pattern links from the home page. (As usual, links for free patterns take you directly to download.)

Also, I am working on categorizing my posts so that, should you find anything said here useful, you can browse it more easily. To that end, you will see the categories sidebar on the right – but the only one really complete right now is the “Tutorials” category, which is probably the most important. That way, if you’re wondering, “did she say anything about how to do thus and such?” you can find out without searching through the archives. I also take suggestions for tutorials, if you see something I am doing that you don’t know how to do. You can probably find it on youtube, but I labor under the delusion that some folks find learning this way more helpful, so I go on sharing.

We’ve also switched “hosts” whatever that means, so some of the bugs are going away – for you that mostly means that when I link my posts onto facebook, you get little extracts an a thumbnail preview again.

I hope you like, and that you’ve had a joyful twelve days of celebration. Merry Christmas, everyone, and Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Twelve Knobby Knots

  1. You know I LOVE those socks!!! I love the K2 P2 pattern and so this really appeals to me. I also LOVE trees, so this is definitely going to be something I’ll consider doing in the fall…..after all the other projects we planned! I’m like Stacie, I’m not a sock person and have only knit one pair of sock-leggings. But THESE I could do!


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