Happy almost-Pentecost! This Sunday we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the newborn church, fifty days after the Resurrection. The Easter season is coming to a close, and we enter into the second half of the liturgical calendar, in which we focus on growth and walking in the way of the cross in the power of the Spirit.

I love learning about the third member of the Trinity, though I willingly admit that my knowledge is pretty weak. However, I can follow in the work of Lutheran theologian Robert Jenson, who drew heavily from our Eastern Orthodox brothers and sisters, to pray: Holy Spirit, draw us into your future, your final purpose for all of God’s people, that we might all be one in fulfillment of Jesus’ high priestly prayer, to the glory of God the Father.

In celebration of the Paraclete, I have a little free pattern to share with you. Summer scarves are all the rage right now, I so I have written up the pattern for a little scarf I designed for Pentecost two years ago. It uses “stuff yarn” – a type of yarn made of different novelty yarns tied together. (If you normally consider yourself a “wool snob,” I deeply appreciate you, but stop reading now.) This pattern makes use of a particular brand of stuff yarn to create a scarf with long lines of parallel craziness. Check it out on Ravelry.

The summer sweaters are well underway – I have one sample nearly done with the pattern alongside, and after a swatching frenzy for the other, I hope to have both patterns out to their test knitters by this weekend. Oh, and did I mention I have an intensive class next week? Planning ahead is a sort of theoretical art in this household.

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