It’s easier than you think

to upload a PDF onto wordpress. You pretty much just treat it like an image. There’s even a special place that says “Media.”

It took me about four hours to figure this out yesterday, between emailing friends, poking around on the server, Jared getting rebuked for trying to “sudo” (whatever that means), and typing urls until it made me silly. Turns out I know too much to do it the easy way, but not enough to execute a hack on my own. Just enough to break things.

As an end result, I have successfully posted my first pattern! Click over to the “Knitting Patterns” page to see the first and only listing there. It’s on ravelry too. I’m so proud I’m almost giddy.

That’s right, the “Crap, Becky Has Cancer” hat is finished! And I still have a load of DK cashmere left to knit something a little daintier. The bad news is that it’s a little small on her (this has been fixed in the pattern), but the good news is,

If it gives her a headache, she can use it as a bowl!

Speaking of making pages that work and do things they are supposed to, also click over and check out the “hand-dyed yarns” page. I spent a while today listing them all out, and instead of giving you practical, useful information on them, I recorded the little things that make each one special. Like which ones are super-soft, which ones are pill-resistant, which were dyed with the kitchen sink, and which I should probably charge you your firstborn child to take away from me because I worked so hard on them. (If you want the practical information, each picture is conveniently linked to its etsy page, which has all the specs.)

The only “coming soon” page left to fix is the “about me” page. I have no idea what to write there aside from the nose-bleedingly obvious. Anyone have any of those email-surveys that we used to send around in high school?

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