An Awspishus Day

It’s finally happened, folks! I am a publish-ished designer. By that I mean that I got a pattern carried by a major yarn company, and I got paid for it, even though the pattern does not necessarily exist anywhere in physical form. See it in its natural habitat here. I am, as ever, jazzed by their cool professional photos.

The final pattern (which you can see here) is, as I suspected, reformatted to Berroco standards, and somehow that ended up meaning that the pictures were sort of fuzzy. But I’m pretty sure they’re still legible. They also took out all the written directions, which was probably a good idea, but not a call I wanted to make. This means that the otherwise 14-page pattern is down to a more reasonable-sounding 6 pages.

Before some of you ask, yes, I should have had them link to my website from the newsletter, but believe it or not, this process has been going on for so long that back when I sent them my terms, this website didn’t even exist yet. Now you understand why knitting and other fashion magazines are conceptualizing and designing over a year in advance and doing photo shoots 6 months in advance! These things just take forever.

Anywho, in an attempt to have something to look at when they link to my pattern page on ravelry and here, I’ve done another cool first-time thing: I put up a pattern for purchase on ravelry.

This is the awesome mitered square vest that my mom created, for the chief purpose of helping me sell my yarn at sheep & wool. I have to tell you that, though I am a little biased, I think this is a very clever pattern. You’d think that mitered squares, which are basically little blocks, would involve making a lot of little pieces and require a lot of tedious sewing together and weaving in of ends. Not so with this pattern. You cast on for the bottom edge and do not cut your yarn at all until you are past the armholes. It is so neat that I’m going to try to talk her into letting me teach the vest as a class at the shop.

So, it took a little doing, but I managed to put it up for sale on ravelry. If you are a raveler, you can click here to see the project page and purchase it. It is also right now for sale at Cloverhill, if you are local. Either way, my mom is highly clever, and you should try her pattern!

This has lit a proverbial fire under my pattern-writing tush, so I want to actually finally finish my bag pattern! It could maybe happen! Sorry for all the exclamation points; it must be a good day!

Edited to Add: I’ve updated the “Knitting Patterns” page on the right sidebar to include both of these. chekkit. i fixted a picture with htmlz.

5 thoughts on “An Awspishus Day

  1. Congratulations, Rebecca! I am so impressed by everything that you’ve been doing. I even watched your excellent video! And I love that vest! Maybe it’s been washed since your mom finished it, but otherwise, it’s still got my fingerprints all over it! 🙂 It’s just too darned bad that I’m so allergic to wool!


  2. I am honored and excited to be part of your knitting endevors. You know though, that I knit that vest for ME because I love red, I love the yarn, and I like vests. It was only an accident that I finished it in time to help you sell your wool at the s and w festival. The 2nd Chance yarn is the softest yarn I’ve ever worked with, and very light-weight. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE semi-solids.
    Now that pattern I wrote for the s and w festival for sure, and that was an interesting challenge. It’s neat that other people like it too!


  3. Congratulations on your sock pattern being published!! I like it a lot! It would be perfect for Gigi Lynn’s socks I think…..what do you think Gigi Lynn?


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