More Fuzzies!

Wasn’t that fun? I really enjoyed doing a series of short posts on a theme. As a reader, I find series more engaging and fun to read, and as a writer, it spreads the workload of what would have been one long ridicu-post. I will look for more opportunities to do that in the future. … More More Fuzzies!

Fuzzy Report 

This has been a lovely review of knits gone by. I’ve enjoyed the brief daily post; it feels like a discipline, whether or not it’s useful for my character. It’s time to shift back to the present tense. Last time I was updating you on something current (aside from the tricolour bag), I had just … More Fuzzy Report 

Four Sealskin Pualuit

It’s the Ninth Day of Christmas Crafting, and we are down to number four. We were at a spectacular party last night, where I had iqaluq, igunaq, tuktuminiq, nattiminiq, and muqtaaq. It was awesome, but between eating too much and sleeping too little, I’m hanging out in bed this morning. Perfect time to test out … More Four Sealskin Pualuit


I confess that I was a teensy bit angsty about turning thirty. Jared and I both turned thirty in April: me on the sixth, him on the twenty-third (yes, such a cradle-robber, me.) Now that I’ve been thirty for a month, I’m pretty much over it. Here’s my favorite thing about turning thirty: I’m really, really not … More Thirty


Oh dear, my Martha, Martha my dear. At the present moment, my younger daughter is coming out of a fabulously intense developmental stage. Suddenly my baby is no longer constantly clinging to me. She has new confidence to strike out on her own. I hear the sound of her distinctive scoot-slide, scoot-slide – whose efficiency … More One