Twelve Months of Princess

I love Christmas! The services are over, gifts are all opened, cookies all consumed, but it’s still Christmas round here. I love the twelve days of Christmas, song and observance. After a one year hiatus, Twelve Days of Christmas Knitting is back. This is the series in which I show you all my knitting kept secret since October, because the gifts are all open.

A Late start this year, and also backwards because today is also the first birthday of my daughters’ girl-cousin. In honour of her first twelve months, this years festive craft parade starts with a little dress for the little princess affectionately known as “Cousin Yaya.”

It all started with some Sublime “Baby Silk & Bamboo DK” (discontinued) in a ballet slipper pink. Poring over ravelry, I came back to a pattern I made with this yarn and loved before: “Darwinia” by Giorgie Nicolson.


I appreciate this pattern for being in a zillion sizes, with a couple different styling options. All those choices make it a titch complicated to read, but she’s done a pretty darn good job of color coding everything so you can keep everything straight. Still, I always recommend reading through a whole pattern before you start and circling the appropriate numbers for your chosen size.


A minimum of fiddle faddle gets you through the pleasing little bodice, with its gathered details, and the it’s a long cruise down the skirt.


Funnily enough, I made this same pattern a couple years ago for another little girl of the same name. She was also a bit of a chunker. This time, I made the 24 month size and the babydoll option.


I bound off this beauty in mid-October, ordered a ribbon, waited patiently…


And  a wash and block brought this princess dress to completion.




I can’t help it. I love ruffles. It’s that weird sentimental side of me that pops out at unexpected times and makes me cry during The Polar Express. Disturbing.

I don’t yet know what Yaya thinks of it (one can’t put too much self-worth in the opinions of one-year-olds). If I receive a picture of her wearing it, and permission to share it, I’ll add it later.

Merry Christmas! What are your feelings on ruffles?

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