Fuzzy Report 

This has been a lovely review of knits gone by. I’ve enjoyed the brief daily post; it feels like a discipline, whether or not it’s useful for my character.

It’s time to shift back to the present tense. Last time I was updating you on something current (aside from the tricolour bag), I had just cast on three projects involving mohair. Of those, one is done, one is a third done, and one is maybe an eighth done.

Pink Dolly’s hot pants were a smooth success. They went so fast. I don’t know if PD is smaller than she looks, but I kept trying them on her and being surprised how far along I was.

I was proud of the general bum area, which, like the rest of the pants, I improvised completely out of my head with reference only to the doll herself. The short rows especially I made to match her exact way of sitting.

Of course, these pants have not been seen on PD since. I generally find them, like the rest of Ns possessions, scattered across the floor of her room. I’m glad now that I didn’t give in to the temptation to make a matching cardigan.

So much for finished fuzzies. I’ve made a lot of progress on the mitered square stole as well. I’m always catching up to Mum, who has more knitting time than me, but I feel like I’m getting into a groove. I enjoy texting pictures back and forth as it grows.

I’m not sure the rainbow effect is obvious. It’s one thing to make rainbows with Crayola markers; the actual spectrum of yarn is much more varied in hue and tone. The middle might be clearer, once the yellow and green and blues get get going. Mums, by contrast, seems more all-over with the same colours.

The final fuzzy has lost that bright halo of design inspiration, and settled into what it’s supposed to be: a very long, boring knit.

It’s not much to look at, being a slight cross-section of front and back. I want this to take a while, so the creative motivation is saved for more complex projects.

So there it is: out of Christmas and back into the beautiful ordinary. We packed away the tree this morning, stowed away all the seasonal music and decorations, swept up the plastic pine needles. I watched My Neighbor Totoro with the girls, and I’m inspired to pay closer attention to the ordinary present. I have lots of frets, but they’re not worth losing the joy I can find in the ordinary time. How about you? What does your Epiphanytide look like?

One thought on “Fuzzy Report 

  1. Nice to see that self striping project. That yarn looked so fun I wanted to scoop some up for myself! Dolly pants look terrific!


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