Nine Sweater Sock Stripes

I am in sight of catching up on these twelve days of Christmas; I won’t stop now! Like the previous post, the number nine belongs to Mum, and numbers horizontal bands of color. Mum’s gift to the junior princess in this household was a cozy sweater in nine colors of sock yarn.


M is a deserving recipient. She loves to wear sweaters, even when she’s too hot, being the little hot water bottle of the family. Offer her a chance, and she’ll ask for “New fwetah! New fwetah!”


Why yes, I will chew up a chunk of candy cane with just my front teeth.

Mom will correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe these many stripes are from a little kit she got at the late Yarns Unlimited? She can tell you about the yarn and pattern in her own words; if she gets the chance to do so, I’ll add them here later.


M is such a winter, just like her Deedee.


Happy (still belated) feast of the Holy Innocents. I thank God for my two rainbow babies today, dress them in a rainbow of stripes, and remember my little ones in heaven.




2 thoughts on “Nine Sweater Sock Stripes

  1. Yes, you got it right. A little group of cashmere from the late Yarns Unlimited. I’m so glad everything fit. Naomi and Martha are very fun to knit for!


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