I confess that I was a teensy bit angsty about turning thirty. Jared and I both turned thirty in April: me on the sixth, him on the twenty-third (yes, such a cradle-robber, me.) Now that I’ve been thirty for a month, I’m pretty much over it. Here’s my favorite thing about turning thirty: I’m really, really not … More Thirty


Oh dear, my Martha, Martha my dear. At the present moment, my younger daughter is coming out of a fabulously intense developmental stage. Suddenly my baby is no longer constantly clinging to me. She has new confidence to strike out on her own. I hear the sound of her distinctive scoot-slide, scoot-slide – whose efficiency … More One

Good Will Towards Men

So, Christmas happened. What follows is a sermonette that kept bouncing around in my head all Advent, and really came home during our Christmas trip home. It isn’t too long, but for those of you just here for the pictures, keep scrolling! * * * This Christmas season, I keep being struck by that phrase. … More Good Will Towards Men