In Progress for Baby In Progress

It’s just past midnight as I write this, so we’re at due date + 5. Definitely well within the realm of normalcy, but I’m starting to get ancy (antsy? ants in pants?). This was also my first Tuesday not at work, so I technically had the whole day free to get ahead on homework. But of course, I spent the first half of the day sleeping after an atrocious night where I was up every hour to the bathroom, and most of the second half of the day was spent trying “natural induction techniques” (that I will not share. They are mostly, ahem, intimate). And D&D in the evening successfully got our mind off things. In and among all this fun, I managed to finally take a few pictures of the things I have made and am making for baby C. Now that I’m sleepless again (that’s what you get for getting out of bed at 12:30 on a Tuesday), I can write about them a little.

This little sweater was intended to go with the leggings I made C last month. The yellow is pretty close to that yellow, and I was pleased as peaches to find little plaid heart buttons. Such an odd idea, plaid hearts – but perfect for this combo. The problem is, I still haven’t quite grasped baby anatomy. Comparing this sweater to some of the others she’s received, I’m afraid this might be more of a 9-12 month size. The leggings are definitely for an infant, so the timing might not work out on this outfit. Oh well; I’m new at this.

Pattern review: I wanted to make Tiny Tea Leaves, but that pattern didn’t go all the way down to newborn. However, In Threes does, and it had the similar layer-cake yoke that tickled my fancy. This pattern is clear and simple, and comes in a variety of sizes. My only trouble is that, as already stated, I didn’t really get a newborn (or even 3-month) sized sweater out of the deal. I got gauge, so I’m not sure where the trouble is. Oh well; I’ll put it on her and see what happens.

Yarn review: I picked up a skein of Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash while in Rhode Island this summer. It’s got a plain, descriptivist name for a plain, straightforward yarn, and it’s all that it should be: cushy, sprongy, soft, machine-washable merino. It’s a bit expensive, but one skein got me this non-newborn sized sweater, so I didn’t mind splurging a little.

I’ve made swift progress on another wee sweater. Another indulgence to come out of my personal spending budget was a copy of Vintage Baby Knits, which I’ve had my eye on since it was published a few years ago. I love knitting books like this that are really just straight-up old patterns made usable with today’s terminology and yarns. None of this “with a modern twist” bullhockey, just an old pattern made accessible. The big hint of just how genuine these patterns are is the fact that most of them are made in fingering-weight yarns. There’s even a dress made of lace (though it’s Frost Flowers, which I’d rather eat than knit again anytime soon. More on that another day).

The yarn is Savannah, a cotton/linen blend I managed to nab in Portland, RI for 75% off. I’ll do a proper review of it, and the final pattern, when the whole thing is done. Which shouldn’t be long now. I will tell you that it sort of amuses me that this pattern is big of a combo of the last two sweaters I knit for myself: entirely moss stitch, like Victoria from last year, and of the same construction as the just-finished Hampton. Funny, yeah?

Finally, this little swatchie is the prognostication of something truly ridiculous. Some ideas are impractical and insane and you just have to do them anyway. At the very least, it’ll provide lots of soft, pretty, plain knitting for both labor and dazed half-awake early motherhood.

I just had a terrible thought. Maybe she hasn’t come yet because I haven’t yet knit her a February Baby sweater? It’s a famous, classic sweater, to which I’ve had the pattern for ages, and she’s one of those 1-in-12 February babies. The thought had occurred to me to make one, but I pushed it off for more interesting ideas. How could I?! I’m already a terrible mother. Better get on that.

One thought on “In Progress for Baby In Progress

  1. Don’t fret too much about sizes. Length, I have found, is the most important size value in a baby sweater, and since you have a girl, you have more freedom with styling any particular piece. You can wear it long and jacket-like, you can wear it short and cropped. Since your sweater just has cap sleeves you can wear it this summer with a sundress, or this spring and fall layered over a tee. Basically, it’s perfect. Just like her. 🙂


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