Done and Done

So I made it! I’m done! … Actually, anticlimactically, I finished yesterday. In the car. On Ravelry I signed up for Team Hopelessly Overcommitted, and my main failure it seems was to hopelessly overcommit. That’s okay… maybe this is indicative of personal growth?

The Puerperium Cardigan was finished just as we crossed into Rhode Island. I’d misplaced the pattern and apparently hadn’t downloaded it, so I conjectured as to the finish… and was happier with my hems than those in the pattern. I’m giving myself a bye on blocking and weaving in ends, the former because we’re on vacays, and the latter because I’m not going to look for buttons for another couple of months. Careful button selection is my only hope of making this sweater unisex if we find out at week 20 that we’re having a boy.

Tess D’Uberville’s Sontag was finished even earlier! After making sure I was going to make it in size, I just kept going until it looked like I was going to run out of yarn. Again, I get a bye on blocking for being in a different state (the couches in the rental house are leather, and there’s no carpet, so I couldn’t even have done it here if I got really keen about it).

We spent our first afternoon at the beach as soon as the weather cleared up, and I brought the shawl along for a wee photo shoot. ‘Cuz the beach is always great for photo shoots, right? Then I realized that as a traditional, wool, outerwear, german shawl, meant to be worn with a re-enactment costume of a people who wore “modesty scarves” and three layers of clothing in the summer … this might be the most incongruous shawl to photograph at a beach ever. Whatever. Didn’t stop me. It’ll get a proper airing when the weather’s ready to let me use it.

I am also happy with my decision to go with a super-simple pattern to go with an extremely rustic yarn. There’s just no distracting from all the natural variation in the fleece.

And so it is with pleasure that I declare myself successful. I accomplished my goal of spinning and knitting something in seventeen days, with a little extra thrown in just for kicks.

How are your olympic goals going? (Even if they are just watching as much men’s diving as possible?)


One thought on “Done and Done

  1. I’m finally home from a long, 2-week trip, so I can properly congratulate you on your medals! I look forward to seeing the clothing item on you…….was it a wrapped jacket/shawl sort of thing? It looks like a marvelous project for that fleece. I can’t wait to get back to spinning! But I must must must finish a couple of knitting projects first.


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