Two days to go? Really? It’s time to seriously pour on the sauce, ladies and gents.

At the moment, we are on the road to Rhode Island. I’m writing this blog post in Textedit on a serpentine road somewhere in northwest PA, hoping to assemble it online if we stop for lunch somewhere with free interwebs. [Thank you, Panera!] Which is like everywhere now, right?

A hat is a small project. When packing for a long trip, one tends to favor projects that take up a low volume of space relative to the quantity of knitting. With a mostly-finished hat that requires 9 2-oz balls, it would not have been economical to bring the olympic hat project. So yesterday, my main missions were twain: get the house clean enough that I won’t perish from despair upon our return, and knock out the rest of Sheep Heid.

The first mission had questionable success, but between watching the replays of the women’s water polo match, and a playlist of videos of “the Wackiest Moments of the Olympics” (mostly horrible injuries), I finished the second! Perhaps this shouldn’t have surprised me, but it took longer to weave in the 46 (!) ends than it did to knit the crown of the hat above the ram heads.

I did try extra hard to hide the ends well, though; nothing is cooler than the inside of a well-done fair isle piece, and these innards are unmarred by obvious ends.

It blocked over a luncheon-sized plate overnight, and we dropped it off at the yarn store, to be picked up by its new owner, around 7:30 before taking off northeast. How convenient that the store window has an olympic display for epic picture taking! SO EPIC

So with a day and a half to spare, I can claim the gold medal in the hat dash!

Now, can I knock out the last two projects before the end of the closing ceremonies tomorrow?!

3 thoughts on “Sprinting

  1. Ha! No, not mine. It’s called “Sheep Heid”; if you search for it on Ravelry it’ll come up. You should try it; it’s fun! (if you like colorwork!)


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