So we’ve been a little blog-light here lately, because it’s that time of year. You know, that magical time when the Osborns *always* find themselves finishing the school year AND preparing for sheep and wool AND looking for a new place to live. That time.

But we are ready. We are so set. I’ve got my last papers scheduled out. Our sheep and wool weekend is planned (visit us at the Cloverhill booth on Saturday afternoon, or hang at the spin in Saturday night or we’re getting together for lunch on Sunday! On the hill next to the main barn, 1:30). AND, most importantly, our submissions to sheep and wool are all finished and away in Jolene’s capable hands.

I, of course, am a dumbo, and forgot to take a picture of the box I sent off to Jolene. Mom is not such a dunce.

That is ALL Kirby woolpaca – including colors never before seen on this here website. It’ll be available in mega hanks, as shown here, 250 grams/545 yards of worsted weight alpaca/wool naturally dyed GLO-REH. She’s also been putting together kits for a bunch of our patterns, including a new one we’ll introduce to you next week.

I forgot to photograph my yarn-for-sale-age, but there was another box that got sent out last week – my entries to the Maryland Sheep & Wool skein and garment competition. I went a little crazy this year, since this is the first time I’ve had anything significant to contribute to the handspun categories. Only one of my six entries is made with commercial yarn. So psyched. I’d have to get two firsts just to earn back the entry fees and the shipping, which is unlikely, but I find it fun to participate.

Wish us luck, and we hope to see you there. Just one week to go!

3 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Rebecca

    Where is this spinning extravaganza?
    Sounds fun! Good luck on your entries!
    Are you submitting the “worlds best baby blanket”?


  2. Yes, it’s all Kirby Woolpaca except for the bottom front row….the shiny stuff is Kirby Meritime. This is part of what I made into kits.
    It was great fun; I love to dye! True confessions: I’m also glad it’s done for now. Breaks between big dyeing efforts is also nice.


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