Celebration Report: Week 3 (or, the week i partied a little too hard)

After last week’s CR#2, I realized that my own Book of Common Prayer has abbreviated day names ready to go! So here I go:

Easter 3 Monday: This one is easy. April 23rd is hubsband’s birthday, which included much preparation. The diversion was a fancy dinner: steamer clams with linguini and a fun vermouth sauce. Then “hey lets go out for drinks, but I need to drop this thing off at Megan’s first…” where there was a SURPRISE PARTY waiting! There were good times had by all, and hubsband felt celebrated, methinks.

Easter 3 Tuesday: Another easy one, since there was a friend to celebrate. A friend/priest/professor graduated from her doctoral program, so a few of us went out for fancy tapas at a nice local restaurant.

Easter 3 Wednesday: Wednesday was a rough day for me… I got some news that did not make me happy. It was nothing shockingly important, don’t worry; but I was generally upset enough to not want to do work. It was neat, because there were friends there with me to complain at and process with. We all watched the first new Sherlock Holmes movie together (love!) and chilled.

Easter 3 Thursday: This was a special and unusual day, as I was the chauffer for Roommate B as she got some surgery in the morning. I was her “responsible adult,” since she was sedated for the procedure, but she napped for most of the day. A couple friends came over and kept me company as we got a bit of studying done.

Easter 3 Friday: Friday night is date night! And sometimes also date afternoon. We went out for mega early dinner (at like 3:30 at Chinese, and had an incredibly chill afternoon  and evening, playing video games and talking. That was just… good. All good.

Easter 3 Saturday: Saturday started with a class that went well, and continued with a paper cranked out by 8 pm. A paper that is partially a joy to write, since I am using it as an excuse to synthesize everything I’ve been learning all semester. This may or may not prevent it from fulfilling the assignment, but I don’t care. I do care that the paper is right now a steaming pile of stream-of-consciousness ideas strung together with long quotes.

Saturday night was yet another party – one you might describe as a “we’re almost done the semester but we just don’t care anymore” party. Someone brought along an obnoxious party game, basically questions that were supposed to be “deep” but invited you to define yourself by one side of false dichotomies. Which of course we took to task, and hilarity ensued.

Easter 4:  Sunday, ironically, has been the least celebratory day, and this is entirely my fault. I miscalculated the amount I consumed on Saturday night (I didn’t even know that 100 proof vodka existed, let alone that I was putting about 3 shots of it in my white russian), and what ensued was an atrociously bad, life-lesson-level hangover. (Hangovers for me almost always bring on migraines as well.) I somehow managed to get to church and cantor, and the rest of my day was spent in bed. Sad story. Definitely, I need to guard Sundays a little more; this is a record of badness for me, but not unheard of categorically.

Lesson for the week – friends are awesome! And I am learning to *ask* friends for things – like their time. And their house for a surprise party. And a car so we can go study in a cool place. And their advice. And a listening ear, when I know I’m too frustrated/disappointed/whatever to be reasonable. And their forgiveness when I make a complete dumbo of myself. Like many people, I am more willing to give than to receive, but if I’m not willing to ask, how does that make a two-way relationship? So it’s good. I am blessed to be in a community of open-hearted, imperfect, strong people. I’m trying to broaden my own heart, and make room for new friends; I am the sort that likes to have a hundred acquaintances, but actually trusting people takes work and risks.

All writing creativity for the week has been sucked into papers, and the rest of my energy is being devoted to convincing my metabolism to start working again. I think I need about twelve hours of sleep to face this next week, so I’m not going to spend any more time trying to sound clever. Go hug a person! Or a pet. Or a stuffed animal. Or a pillow. Or a pile of clothes. You know what I’m saying.

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