Celebration Report: Week #2

In Anglican calendars and what not, this past week was what we call “the week of the first Sunday after Easter.” I have a certain fondness for descriptivist nomenclature, though it gets a bit clunky.

Monday after the first Sunday after Easter: D&D is always celebratory. Friends, drinks, interactive fiction, and general ridiculousness abound. If you want a hilariously bizarre (and increasingly accurate) image of our evenings together, watch this, and imagine that half the people present are female. After we saw it, we all started quoting it to each other, making our evenings even more like this. “WHERE’S THE MOUNTAIN DEW? CAN I HAVE A MOUNTAIN DEW?”

Tuesday after the first Sunday after Easter: This one I’m going to keep to myself for the present. It was a hard day for me, but also exciting, because some things in general were moving forward. Unfortunately they were also very distracting.

Wednesday after the first Sunday after Easter: I was given a brand new fleece. Eeeee!!!! I’ve been playing with it all week, but that deserves at least one post of its own.

Thursday after the first Sunday after Easter: This day I must confess that I didn’t do anything intentionally celebratory, nor did anything just happen to me that was celebratory in itself. I did normal things I enjoy – taught a class, studied at starbux – I guess I started reading a cool new book called Desert Mothers.

Friday after the first Sunday after Easter: *deep breath* I turned in my thesis proposal! And some other forms to move some other things forward. This was definitely a cause for celebration, and Jared and I went out to a new restaurant in Mars to party it up. It’s also Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, so we sampled some 21st Amendment beer they had on tap, and bought a case of some random organic beer. Also, we watched the last episode of the first series of the new Sherlock, so now along with Downton Abbey, Jared and I are hanging from two british cliffs! Maddening!

Benedict Cumberbatch is such an odd duck. But then again, what sort of person do you expect when you have at least three syllables in both names? His name always reminds me of Engleburt Humperdink. "Humperdink, Humperdink, Humperdink!"

Saturday after the first Sunday after Easter: We worked hard on homework pretty much all day, but we did it with friends, which increased the fun factor by a lot. Patronizing the library (not a great plan, since we are not that quiet) and Panera, we rewarded ourselves by bringing our refilled Panera coffee home and doctoring it up. Doctor Who, that is.

It strikes me that it’s easy to celebrate the little things – tasks completed, large and small; hard work accomplished, etc. That’s celebrating ourselves, celebrating each other, which is such a good thing to do. But isn’t the point of Easter supposed to be celebrating the resurrection? I need to pray about doing some of this celebrating more intentionally in the upward spirit of celebrating the resurrection. At least, I think, today’s celebration will accomplish that.

The Second Sunday after Easter: The Eucharist is a celebration in itself – the celebration. We went this morning, and we just got back from another one. Two ancient services, one with an established church family in a beautiful little church; another an intimate gathering in a home. Still worshiping with Christians throughout the ages and around the world. Pretty awesome.

Also on the to-do list for next week: find a shorter liturgical date naming system.

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