When a Daughter Surprises You

As you remember, I was crying, jumping up and down, and quietly ecstatic about the yarn Rebecca spun and gave me this past Christmas.  I really had not even dared to hope she would give it to me.  It was too too pretty and represented a heck of a lot of time and skill.  But I tell ya, she does surprise me!

Like the time she was 7 and was pleased as punch that she could ride a 2-wheeler WITH training wheels.  (The bike my brother gave her was a tad big, to be fair.)  When the 5-year old boy across the street zoomed past her on a smaller bike with no training wheels, she looked at him with pity.  When he came up to her she said, “Too bad your bike doesn’t have training wheels.”

And the time when she was 8 and wore her pants backwards by accident.  (Never mind that I completely missed this.  I also had a 5 year old and a toddler at the time!)  We joined a home school group at a park, and the kids went off to play.  One boy made fun of her pants being backwards.  She was not upset.  She did not run to me crying.  She simply acted as though she meant to have them that way all the time and said, “I like to wear my pants that way.” ….so she told me later.

Yep.  Quick-witted was my daughter, Rebecca.  And full of surprises.  There was another time she gave me something that made me cry.  When she was um…..14?….she did her first (and only?) cross stitch picture.  About 8″ by 12″ it was….not one of the tiny ones.  She worked on it for about 8 months, and then gave it to me for Christmas!  All stretched and framed.  Wow.  It’s one of those gifts that keep on giving.  I’m telling you, every time I look at that picture, and now this scarf, I am thankful for her, and for God’s gift of giving.  It’s quite powerful.

My other adult daughter is also a gifted artist and blew me away this Christmas with an original work of art.  And my little daughter picks out beautiful ear rings for me each year.  She has such good taste.  I tell you; I count my blessings.  After being married for 27 years, I am more mellow, have fewer expectations, and see a bigger picture of life.  My husband is extremely creative, rather like a mad scientist.  It’s been difficult at times learning to live together in peace because he’s so … um … unlike my own father, and not quite what I expected when we dated.  But he’s a good man, and has tried like me to make the best of things.  Part of the joy of this marriage has been having such creative and gifted children!  I never know what they will surprise me with next!










I hope you enjoy the pictures of these gifts.  Doesn’t the scarf look great with the lime-green sweater…..from MY mom this past Christmas!  The pattern is so clever and fun. It’s called “False Entrelac Scarf”.  We bought it from the Ladybug Knitting shop on Cape Cod, MA.  The email on the pattern is: bprue@verizon.net.  The yarn is DK weight and I knit the scarf on size 6 needles.  The pattern also suggests Worsted Weight and size 7 needles.  You need about 330 yards or more of yarn. (I’m pretty sure that this is the pattern: click here ~reb)

Thank you Rebecca for all the happy surprises you gave me.

One thought on “When a Daughter Surprises You

  1. She goes and makes something gorgeous like that, then wonders why I give her things. I can’t believe how perfect it looks! (I can’t believe I spun that yarn…)

    Funny thing is, I don’t remember any of those things, mum! It’s good to hear that I was a fiery little snot before I got teenaged and insecure. I find I’m returning to my childhood a little more every day…


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