Eleven Clever Cables

Hi; Mom again!  One more post for me on these 12 days of Christmas. Two precious people in my life are my husband, Cliff, and my mother, Flo.  First of all, Cliff is very gifted mechanically.  We have a policy in our home that we don’t throw anything away until Cliff has had a look … More Eleven Clever Cables

Six Colors Howling

In case it has been confusing, I have 3 daughters:  Rebecca, 27 (she’s not old enough to care about her age yet I hope), Leah, 21, and Bethany, 12.  I also have a wonderful son Hunter, 24.  I’m Mom, definitely too old to mention age! This time my gift was for Bethany.  First she loved … More Six Colors Howling

Four Fun Footsies

The Christmas joy keeps flowing.  Are these not fun, happy socks?  The yarn is Koigu, bought at “All About Yarn” in Pittsburgh.”  They are also leftovers (as Rebecca mentioned in her Day 3.) They came from what I called my “Naoimi Yarn” that I bought at the store along with some 100% silk.  With 3 … More Four Fun Footsies

Two Warming Wristies

The pattern is actually called “Tinaku Mittens”; it is from Miski Book 26 by Jane Ellison.   (It’s Mom again, Hi.  Rebecca is carding dog hair and wool fleece downstairs on the useful but ugly drum carder; she will post tomorrow; I promise.)  I bought this book from the “new” Clover Hill yarn shop when … More Two Warming Wristies

One Sweater Softly

Hello Folks! It’s hard to believe this is the fifth Christmas since I started this blog. It has become our tradition to celebrate with a series of posts about all the projects we’ve been secretly working away on as presents, themed after the 12 days of Christmas. More on the subject later, when I’ve dug myself out … More One Sweater Softly

Our New Gradient Yarn

Over the summer of 2012, in the gorgeous sunny city of San Diego, I daydreamed about making more colors with our yarn.  Could I push the envelope…..instead of making one “ideal” pokeberry red, could I make 5?  Would  a variety of blues look lovely together?  Could the various ways to dye apple bark be controlled? … More Our New Gradient Yarn

Ten Brother Colors

From Mom: I have one brother, Rebecca’s uncle: the one who, when she was between the ages of 3 and 10, would walk away with her at a party and not tell anyone.  “Where IS she?” I would ask.  Then I would find out that Richard was missing too, and I would know she was on … More Ten Brother Colors

8 Hearts of Love

This blanket (by Mom) was inspired by:  a strong grandmotherly instinct to knit a soft and cottony baby blanket  a thought that I had found a use for some lovely purple cotton yarn I had in my stash  a love for squares  a thought that it could become a bath blanket  lots of LOVE!! Using size … More 8 Hearts of Love