Dooner’s Girasole

Let’s see if I can find my way back to the beginning of the story of this shawl. The year was 2013. The month was August or September, I forget which. Stringbean, then a tiny six-month old, had been in the hospital with a UTI. Being a new mother left me feeling completely shattered, all … More Dooner’s Girasole

Fresh Canadian

Today we became Canadians. We’ve been on our trip to and through the Canadian Rockies for three weeks now. I’ve been knitting socks and taking pictures and notes, and I’ll tell you all about it soon enough. But today I had to stop and share this important news. We submitted our application to become citizens … More Fresh Canadian

2021 In Review

It’s that time again! Time to look back over the year that was, and think about the year ahead. This has become an essential part of the Christmas season for me, part of the celebration. It’s the view from the mountaintop: looking back, I see the highlights, and they make me thankful. Looking forward, I … More 2021 In Review


Orange has never been my color. I find something to like about nearly every color, but orange is one that makes me uncomfortable. A friend once made me a piece of art that was gorgeous and original, but it had a bright orange background. She said the orange represented energy, but it was hard for … More Orange