Earning a Manicure

It took seven hours, half a box of swiffer pads, and it completely destroyed my nails, but the final cleaning and emptying of our old apartment is complete. We are now solely and completely residents of “Experiment House.” Still on the list:

  • Call Verizon to see why the internet is continually half-horked, even though they probably won’t do anything about it because they are on some silly union strike. (I am theoretically for unions, but not when they prevent a company from making good decisions. And not when they take away my internet.)
  • Make a path through the basement, which is currently a moist, smelly cave with cardboard stalactites, so the new washer and dryer can get through to the laundry room.
  • Take pictures of something new to silence the crickets of awkwardness currently ruling this blog.

For the time being, pictures of finished baby things!

Hat pattern: “Newborn Striped Pixie Hat,” sort of. I changed the stitch count so it would fit a 6-month-old (this kid is due any day now, and will not need this hat ’till she’s too big for newborn things). I thought the point was too long, so I changed the single decreases to centered double decreases: slip 2 as if to K2tog, K1, pass slipped stitches over. a.k.a. SK2P.

Bootie pattern: “Jingle Booties,” sort of. I made them shorter, continued the ribbing on the foot and toe, and generally made them less goofy.

Yarn: Encore Colorspun by Plymouth. Tolerable, though the pooling made me twitch. Remains one of the most economical “decent” yarns, or one of the most high quality acrylic/wool blends, available on the market. Made in Turkey, hopefully by people who are well paid and have decent lives, but who knows; not me. They have some nice grown-up colors too. However, I am among the masses making a wholesale conversion to Berroco’s “Vintage” for washable, affordable, acrylic-wool blend worsted and dk-weight yarns.

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