A Little Twee

I am almost sure the universe is trying to kill me. Normally, that would be an exaggeration. This week has included all kinds of horrible adventures that I won’t go into, such that the state of utter disarray and chaos that is “mid-moving” seems almost inconsequential. There is nothing to be done in situations like this except pull out that skein of yarn that you’ve been saving for a special occasion and immediately cast something on. Anything, really.

Yarn: handspun made on a dropspindle from a Gnomegarden batt. 2-ply, fingering weight, about 250 yards. Pattern: I cast on what I hope is enough stitches, on US4s, and am doing some slight variation of the classic Old Shale/Feather & Fan pattern. I’ll go until I want to stop. Because when you’re at that point… you know, that point where you really might snap and kick a puppy or something, the calming sensation of cushy merino and the appearance of blue sparkles can keep you a few steps back from the Crazy Place.

Also, I have new shoes. Bite me, the universe.

3 thoughts on “A Little Twee

  1. I think I could use some blue sparkly yarn. And chocolate sorbet. 🙂 Hope everything turns out ok in the end for you!


  2. I knit a cowl with my spun angora/merino/silk mix when I was feeling somewhat similar. 3 days later and after lots of prayer I have a beautiful neck warmer and DO feel better! I hope you do too. Knitting is a visual proof that we can retain some order, control, and beauty in the midst of chaos. I love it.


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