Welcome to my Lab

Today’s experiment is a fun box of insanity. Mom and I have been trying for several weeks now to create yarns that use all of our brightest colors together to make some wildly multi-colored yarns. I had some happy success last week with this sock yarn, which I am calling Crazy Crayons because the cheerful brightness reminds me of youthful coloring outside the lines.

This offering, Crazy Crayons, is dyed with pokeberries, black beans, and turmeric – still all natural! Can you believe what you can do with the palette that comes right out of the ground? You can see the unskeined yarn below, but I can only guess how this will knit up… probably in a fun blend just like the reskeined yarn.

Edited to add: all OFS sock yarn is 4.4 oz., 480 yards, fingering weight, 8 st./in in stockinette on US 1s or 2s. They are 90% merino, 10% nylon.

In addition to some bright socks to cheer you in the dead of winter, I think this stuff would be great for a zany unisex baby sweater, or a hat with delicate stitches but not-so-delicate colors. Let your imagination run wild – there are 4 skeins of this stuff. Still $22.00 per skein.

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