Fall Inspiration

True confessions: I saved my favorite of my new sock experiments for last.

Being a natural dyer, my palette is somewhat more limited than someone who works with acid dyes. I am learning to broaden my horizons, but most of the time my design inspiration springs out of colors available to me; there’s not much I can do with more external inspirations.

So it was completely novel when, on our fall trip to Ligonier, I looked over the beautiful views of changing trees and thought “I can dye that.”

This is just the beginning, I’m sure, of my experiments with blends of fall colors, which are by far my favorite color season. (You might guess this if you went through my dresser looking for a shirt that is not green or brown or beige.)

So without further ado, I give you Fallscape: Pokeberry red mixes with the green of turmeric-overdyed black bean to evoke the most cheerful of fall days. All OFS sock yarn retails is 22$, and is 4.4 oz., 480 yards, fingering weight, 8 st./in in stockinette on US 1s or 2s. They are 90% merino, 10% nylon.

There are only two of these for sale (one’s been claimed)… and if you don’t act fast, I might change my mind and decide to keep one. But this is one color I will be making again, methinks.

Thanks for checking out these new yarns, and bearing with me as I play with paypal. I welcome your feedback, and should you encounter any problems, I will do my very best to ensure you get what you ordered in a timely fashion.

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