Beautiful Brown Beastie

Fresh out of the dyepot is the first of my latest experiments:

Black Walnut Brown Sock Yarn: Different immersion times and heats created the different shades of rich natural brown in these skeins. Medium-length color repeats (see bottom picture) mean that the colors will pool in a spiraling fashion around an average-sized sock leg. $22.00 per skein.

Edited to add: all OFS sock yarn is 4.4 oz., 480 yards, fingering weight, 8 st./in in stockinette on US 1s or 2s. They are 90% merino, 10% nylon.

Black Walnut is an impossible color to wash out. I know this because over a year ago, I was dyeing with black walnuts wearing a white shirt (a-doy!) and splashed some on – and after umpteen washings, it’s still there. This means that this yarn, being superwash wool and dyed with black walnut, is the only machine-washable yarn that we sell! Meaning that it is perfect to make things for your husband, who will wear nothing but boring colors, and who will inevitably throw his hand-made things in the wash. (Not that I’m advocating the machine-washing of hand-knits – as a rule you should always handwash. But I only handwash once in a blue moon, and I like to actually wear my hand-knit socks, so those pairs that can have had several trips through Ol’ Washie.)

One of these has already been claimed, and I kept my experiment small, so that means there are only two of these up for grabs.

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