Three Yarns A-Slip-Stitching

Today’s contribution is from Linda (a.k.a. Mom)! ~Rebecca

This sweater for my mom was the biggest project I started and actually finished this year.  I began in May, and finished in early December.

This was made with 2 strands of Rebecca’s blue Second Chance lace yarn, and 1 strand of Rebecca’s blue and brown sock yarn called “Baby Boy Peter”.  It is 90% superwash merino and 10% nylon.

My mom picked out the “Baby Boy Peter” yarn at the Breezy Willow Farm Christmas craft fair last year, and asked me to make a sweater for her out of it.  Since it was sock yarn, I decided to make a thicker fabric by using a simple slip stitch.  I found this “Slip-Stitch Weave” on p. 22 of “A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns” by Barbara G. Walker.

Then I decided, since the blue and brown knit up a bit too stripey (perhaps) for a sweater (see ribbing), I would soften the stripe effect by adding the double stranded plain blue every 5th and 6th row.  You can see how it completely changes the effect in the body of the sweater.  Although when the width grew more narrow for the inset sleeves, it became stripey again, although still a softer striping than in the ribbing.

I designed this sweater for my mom based on what she asked for….it’s a simple turtle neck with a bit of shaping.  A few buttons for fun.

My mom just opened up her sweater and she likes it!!  She had seen me knit up the pieces, but I didn’t let her see it completed with turtle neck and buttons until we exchanged gifts on Boxing Day.

Rebecca, I got lots of complements on the brown and blue together….it’s a gorgeous yarn to knit with!  Easy on the hands, and very soft next to the skin.  It took just under 3 skeins of “Baby Boy Peter” (480 yards each) and 2 skeins of the Second Chance yarn (400 yards each) to make this woman’s (size large) sweater.  The pattern was easy to do… was the project I took with me everywhere because it took no thinking.  The only negative aspect of it was I was working on size 2 needles with a slip stitch!  This gave me a gauge of 9 stitches AND 12 ROWS TO THE INCH!!  This sweater took commitment!!!!

Well, it was for Grammy, right Rebecca?  She’s special.


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