Two Baby Surprises

These two baby sweaters more or less explain themselves – Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jackets, knitted in my very own Second Chance Worsted. (If you’re curious, it took about 300 yards of each color to do both jackets.) They are the medium size, in worsted weight, so they’re rather big for newborn twins. But they will probably still fit them in the fall! I am just glad that said babes haven’t shown up yet. They are due on February 7th, but who knows; they might make an appearance before the new year… Anyway I think they are very sweet, very boy, and very rustic in these natural colors. Not the softest things they’ll ever wear, but they aren’t meant to be next to the skin, and they will be freakishly warm. I couldn’t stop myself taking pictures of them, so I hope that’s enough for you this boxing day. Happy return shopping!

I defy you to stand unmoved in the face of such cuteness.

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